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Using this Keyword Density Checker tool doesn’t help fix your mistakes, however it does pick out your errors so you could make the best corrections. What’s particular approximately this keyword density device is that you could input a url or paste an article, pick out the number of keyword consequences to display, and what number of words in line with word (up to 3 phrases).

In a matter of seconds, your effects will display and you could see both the be counted and density starting with the maximum frequently used words and terms. (keyword density is a calculated percentage based at the range of instances a phrase or word is used, compared to the overall word be counted for that web page.)

Understand that seo elements (which include keyword density) ought to continually take a backseat to best on your internet web page or article. In any other case, all search engine optimization efforts are in vain because best pages which are interesting, pleasing, informational, or valuable in any other way will hold a sustainable presence in seek engine outcomes.

But, it's miles just as critical to apply this keyword density device and keep away from the acute of over-optimizing or beneath-optimizing. Even as there aren’t any proven recommendations set forth by google for keyword density, you need to maintain your number one keyword(s) among 2 and 3%, and secondary key phrases (long tail seek phrases) among 1 and a couple of%.

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