WordPress Theme Development Tutorial with Bootstrap & Underscores WP Starter Theme

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WordPress Theme Development Tutorial with Bootstrap & Underscores WP Starter Theme

In this video we are going to cover WordPress Theme Development Tutorial with Bootstrap & Underscores WP Starter Theme.

This is a follow up to my previous videos on how to develop a WordPress Theme from Scratch.

Video 1: Underscores Guide & Overview

Video 2: Web Dev Tools I use

2:53 Download Underscores https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=2m53s

4:03 Download Bootstrap https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=2m53s

4:49 Theme Unit Test Data https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=4m49s
Extract Files and Folders
Adding Bootstrap Code to Underscores

5:30 Git & Gulp Code Snippets https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=5m30s

6:06 Extract the files and folders https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=6m6s

6:50 Place DevWP into server folder https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=6m50s

7:18 Activate Starter Theme https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=7m18s

7:42 Import Theme unit test data https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=7m42s

8:54 Add Bootstrap files to DevWP https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=8m54s

10:06 Git Init https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=10m06s

11:16 Gulp Files https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=11m16s

12:57 Adding Bootstrap Styles & Scripts to Functions.php file https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=12m57s

17:09 Overview of Bootstrap Grid & Columns https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=17m9s

20:12 Index.php Layout https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=17m9s

21:47 Git Status & Git Diff https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=21m47s

29:10 Style.css vs Style.scss https://youtu.be/7bHMh2e2qZM?t=29m10s

Watch the videos listed above first and then watch this one.

By watching these videos, you will learn How to Make a WordPress Website with your own Custom Themes.

In this video I show you how to combine Bootstrap which is the most popular front end framework for modern responsive websites with The Underscores Starter theme for WordPress which is the best starter theme to use.

This is the third video in a series of videos dedicated to creating a Custom WordPress Theme.

If you want to see how I configure WordPress Websites for Peak Performance, watch this video.

If you want to get the files, visit:


There are code snippets that you can use on:

I also cover Git, Gulp, Sass, MAMP and the Atom Text editor in this video as well.

If you need help with your website, feel free to contact me and check my website since I often run discounts and promos.

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