Complete WooCommerce Tutorial 2019

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Complete WooCommerce Tutorial 2019

Learn how to make a WordPress website in 2019:
In this tutorial I show you step by step how you can make a webshop using the free plugin called WooCommerce. The most popular webshop builder worldwide. We will talk about how to install and configure WooCommerce, how to create a simple product, variable product (with different sizes and colors), a (digital) service product, a grouped product, downloadable product and affiliate product.

We will talk about coupon codes, taxes, shipping and payment menthods.

Overview with Timestamps

00:00:10 Overview Of The Tutorial
00:01:36 The 4 Steps We Will Take
00:02:43 Get A Domainname and Webhosting
00:06:03 Install WordPress
00:08:25 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
00:08:51 Get A Complete Website For Free

00:15:24 Install WooCommerce
00:16:44 Configure A Few Basic Settings

Create A Simple Product
00:18:32 Create A Simple Product
00:19:42 The Long And Short Description
00:21:17 Choose the Kind of Product
00:21:36 Define the Price and Sale Price
00:22:02 Inventory
00:24:49 Shipping
00:25:58 Reviews
00:26:34 Product Categories and Sub Categories
00:27:47 Product Tags
00:28:05 Featured Image and Gallery
00:31:27 Remove The Sidebar on a Single Product Page

Create A Variable Product
00:32:14 Create A Variable Product
00:33:00 Create Attributes, like Size, Color etc.
00:34:04 Create Variations based on the attributes
00:36:49 Do a bulk action on the attributes
00:37:43 Change the price of one or two variations

00:39:32 Create A Service Product
00:42:58 Create A Grouped Product
00:47:28 Create A Downloadable Product
00:50:33 Create An Affiliate Product

The Shop Page
00:53:33 Configure The Shop Page
00:55:45 Add Widgets To Your WooCommerce Shop
00:56:13 Add The Cart Widget
00:57:00 Add The Facebook Widget
00:58:04 Add The Price Filter Widget
00:59:00 Add The Featured Products Widget

WooCommerce Settings
01:01:47 General Settings
01:04:30 Product Settings
01:08:59 Account & Privacy Settings
01:11:06 Emails Settings
01:14:18 Advanced Settings

01:15:33 Get SSL For Free
01:17:34 Add Images To Categories

01:19:46 Create A Coupon Code
01:26:26 Apply Taxes
01:34:05 Apply Shipping Costs
01:36:54 The Best Shipping Plugin
01:42:52 Add Payment Methods

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