301 redirects for beginners – SEO tutorial

Nov 9, 2019 by

301 redirects for beginners – SEO tutorial

301 redirects are useful if you need to permanently route traffic from an old URL to a new URL and ensure no one hits the dreaded 404.

There are several use cases:
– Reorganizing your URL structure
– Replacing or redesigning a site using different URLs
– Moving to a completely new domain
– Redirecting traffic to mistyped URLs (e.g., dribble.com → dribbble.com)

There are other types of redirects, such as the 302 redirect for temporary redirects, but the 301 redirect is best used if you need to permanently route incoming traffic to a new URL.

In this video, we explain what 301 redirects are.

To learn how to quickly and easily set up 301 redirects in Webflow, check out “Setting 301 redirects” on Webflow University: https://university.webflow.com/article/setting-up-301-redirects.


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