3 Quick Tips For Image Optimization to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

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3 Quick Tips For Image Optimization to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

What’s up, guys? My name is Ariana and today I am going to take you through a few easy steps regarding WordPress image optimization.

As beginners, most of the time we don’t always understand exactly what we’re doing and just end up grabbing some royalty-free images online, hoping that they will fit into our website perfectly and that’s it.

So, in this video I will show you 3 easy steps to optimize images on your website:

1. Crop and resize your images
2. Adjust the dimensions in media settings
3. Edit your images with an image editor
4. BONUS – use image optimization service like Optimole


If you don’t care about optimizing the images on your WordPress website you will end up with a slow website which will drive people away.

Full WordPress website tutorial with Neve & Elementor: https://youtu.be/14wZnomo4io

Great resources and tools for WordPress:

🖥 Professional WordPress hosting from Siteground, with discount* – http://bit.ly/WPHostingOffer

⚙ Elementor: http://bit.ly/DownloadElementor

📸 Stock Photos: https://mystock.themeisle.com/
🔆 Free Icons: https://themeisle.com/free-icons/
💡 Domain Wheel – https://domainwheel.com/
⌛ Image optimization service by Optimole – http://bit.ly/Optimole
🔧 Orbit FOX – http://bit.ly/OrbitFOX

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