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Facts You Should Know About Good SEO

Facts You Should Know About Good SEO I'd like to discuss a few facts about SEO that may help quench your questions and manage your expectations before you begin an SEO campaign. I thought this article would be helpful, since many people don't really know what to expect with SEO. SEO is a very unique service and not one that can be paid for, applied, and left alone. It's an ongoing science that must be sculpted, measured and applied repeatedly. Here we go... 1. SEO is ongoing SEO is a...
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Four Features of Article Writing for SEO

Four Features of Article Writing for SEO Article writing is one of the most important strategies in search engine optimization. New webmasters often consider it a difficult job to write SEO articles. However, the fact is that it is not as difficult as it appears. If you follow a few guidelines, it can in fact turn into fun. Here are 4 essentials to writing useful and rich content for your SEO campaign. 1. Choice of Keyword Keywords are the words typed by your prospects and customers on search engines when...
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Local SEO - Optimizing for Search by Voice

Local SEO - Optimizing for Search by Voice We have been seeing forecasts of mobile devices overtaking desktop computers since the beginning of the last year and we are not surprised that the predictions have fulfilled spectacularly. The contributions of Dag Kittlaus of the Apple Siri project and those brilliant engineers at Google have made searching by voice the natural thing to do. We are under no impression that search remains the way it was. There have been tectonic shifts in the way people are using their voice in making...
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When NOT to Use SEO

When NOT to Use SEO A large part of our business is conducting professional Search Engine Optimization services for small and medium-sized businesses. So you might be surprised to learn that we talk ourselves out of more SEO projects than not. Or, more accurately, we talk our clients out of doing SEO. Many people see, hear and read about various SEO success stories from friends, colleagues and business associates and think, "Hey, sounds great. How can I use that for MY business?" The problem with SEO, probably more than any...
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Increasing Online Presence Using SEO Services

Increasing Online Presence Using SEO Services Technological innovations resulted in the birth of the Internet but it takes more than a blog or website to make an impact in a virtual world that hosts millions of data. The rush by business enterprises to create a unique online presence that appeals to the target audience has created a niche for SEO services. These include the use of SEO articles, social bookmarking and link building services. SEO articles involve the use of keywords in web content so as to make such content...
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Tips on Using Search Engine Optimization Services

Tips on Using Search Engine Optimization Services Once you have a website up, and going, you will need to optimize your information with the search engines so that they recommend your site before they recommend other sites that might have the same information or products. Search engine optimization companies are staffed by professionals who know all the tricks it takes to get your rankings with the big boys like Google, Yahoo,, and Bing, to go up into the top ten positions. Search engine optimization companies can be hired online...
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The Difference Between SEO and SEM

The Difference Between SEO and SEM When talking about ways you can promote your business or website, it's difficult to get your head around all the different methods available to you. Pay-Per Click(PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are some of the most popular ways to bring yourself exposure online. However, with so many avenues to take - how do you know what is right for you and your business? Ideally, you can seek advice from a company which offers all the different services, as they...
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